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Banque is today one of the leading financial trading companies in Europe specializing in the acquisition of securities.
The focus here is on securities that are in trouble or unlisted securities whose ability to act on stock exchanges is restricted or eliminated.
The company based in the United Kingdom, London offers asset management for private and institutional investors.
Led by General Partners, Banque has a strong presence in the financial centers of Europe.

Our Business Areas


The focus of our diversified company is on the service and customer business in the areas of equities and financial markets. Our research analyzes more than 850 stocks.
The focus here is on securities that are in trouble or unlisted securities whose...

We look after wealthy private investors, institutional investors and families - often across generations. We face complex and responsible tasks with proven competence and continuity in consulting. With opportunity-oriented risk management, we...

In asset management, we offer private and institutional investors innovative fund and investment concepts as well as professional risk management strategies. Our investment experts develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and the respective return, risk and liquidity objective...

Banque has specialized in the acquisition of unlisted securities, i.e. unlisted shares, unlisted bonds and unlisted fund shares that cannot be sold on a stock exchange. Basically, acceptance takes place in three steps. Since not every transaction is treated the same way, we're happy to discuss the...

Banque Equity Strategy

The majority of mid-market companies invest in small and medium-sized companies, while the Banque Equity Strategy focuses on blue chips and high-growth small-caps. |More →

Banque Equity Strategy

Stock Competency

Stock Competency

Banque offers you first-class investment solutions and individual special strategies for your portfolio. Get an overview of what Banque has to offer here. Choose between stocks, bonds, multi-asset or volatility funds. |More →

Our purchase offers

An dieser Stelle finden Sie unsere aktuellen Kaufangebote sowie die Formulare, um ein Angebot anzunehmen und Ihre Depotbank mit der Übertragung der Wertpapiere zu beauftragen. |More →

Our purchase offers

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